A Word From The President…

Congratulations to everyone who performed in our first concert of 2013, Back to Bach! It was a smashing success – the music was splendid and the church was full to the brim with an appreciative audience. Back to Bach was easily one of our most successful concerts in recent history, and we are very proud of everyone involved. We’re only able to put on great concerts when everyone is pitching in – rehearsing, selling tickets, spreading the word of SUMS – and with such a well performed concert to a sell-out audience of nearly 300, it’s clear that everyone was pulling their weight. Thank you all!

On to the future, our programme for Semester Two will feature a beautiful work by Schubert and a number of great Mozart works. Specifically, the programme includes Mozart’s Missa Brevis in Bb,Laudate Dominum, and Ave Verum, and Schubert’sMass in G. Rehearsals for these works will commence on the 31st of July, with the venue yet to be confirmed.

For now, enjoy your holiday, and keep an eye out for future communications from your committee!

2013 AGM

Notice is hereby given of the SUMS Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held  at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, 22 May in Studio B, Holme Building. Rehearsal will start at 6:30 pm and proceed as usual until break, the AGM will be held immediately after break and should run for about 20-25 minutes, rehearsal will resume at the conclusion of the AGM and finish as usual at 9:30 pm.
Nominations for the election that will be held at the meeting to fill three committee positions which are currently vacant (Librarian, Assistant Concert Manager and O Vos Omnes (Newsletter Editor) can be sent to president@sums.org.au or handed in person to the President (David Faber) at any time prior to the commencement of the meeting.

SUMS Trivia!

Do you know how many number one hits weren’t Michael Jackson’s in the 80s? Can you name all of the Doctors in sequential order, and then again by apparent age? Do you know whether or not a Woodchuck can indeed “chuck” wood?

If you answered yes, no, or maybe to any of the above, then I know where you should be on April 4th. At the Forest Lodge Hotel, in a team of up to six players, competing in the annual SUMS Trivia Night! Many may win prizes, but only one team will be truly victorious.

Are you game?

Tickets are only $5 with Access, $10 standard. And if a team of five pre-books, you’ll get a sixth ticket free! Buy them online here.

A Word From Our Sponsors…

Hi all,

We’ll be sending out a more regular newsletter this year and, for those of you who struggle with access to emails, we’ll be posting them here as well. These newsletters will have rehearsal feedback and important information regarding concerts, as well as information on and feedback from social activities.

The first of these newsletters can be downloaded by clicking here. Enjoy!

And now, a word from our sponsors…

O Week 2013

Hi everyone,

O Week begins next Wednesday and SUMS is starting it off with a bang! We’ll be performing at thefree breakfast at Manning on Wednesday from 10 to 10:30am, and then again at the Main Stage on Thursday from 3:40 to 4pm.

We’ll also have our stall set up and ready to field questions, accept new memberships, and sell our awesome I <3 SUMS shirts and CDs of past concerts. This year we’ll have a new range of shirt options that we’re excited about, so come check them out!

And to give you an idea of what’s happening just after O Week, we’ll be having our first rehearsal on the 6th of March in Bosch Lecture Theatre 4, preceded by our free Fresher BBQ. This BBQ is for everyone to get together before rehearsal and catch up, meet our new members, and make everyone feel at home again. Also: it’s free! So come along even if you haven’t quite made up your mind about joining up for the year.

We’re all looking forward to seeing your bright and shiny faces again in the next couple of weeks, and can’t wait for rehearsals to start back up again. We’re all very excited about what this year will bring for us, and we’d love to share it all with all of you.

See you soon!

2012 EGM Notice

SUMS will hold its 2012 EGM at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, September 19, in Bosch Building 1A Lecture Theatre 4.

The purposes of the EGM are:

i) to recieve the President and Secretary’s reports for the current year

ii) to elect next year’s committe

iii) to transact any other bussiness

Please contact the Secretary with any questions you may have.

2012 AGM Notice

SUMS will hold its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, May 9 2012, at 8:00 pm in Bosch Building 1A Lecture Theatre 4.

The purpose of the AGM is:

  1. To receive an audited report and statement of accounts for the proceeding financial period
  2. To transact any other business

Please contact the Secretary with any questions you may have.

Semester 2 Return

We here at SUMS hope you’ve all enjoyed your holiday and are looking forward to the new semester! Rehearsals will begin again this Wednesday 27th July in Bosch Lecture Theatre 4 but come along early at 5pm for our FREE welcome back BBQ.

We are happy to announce that our main piece for this semester will be the Duruflé Requiem. This beautiful piece was written in 1947 in memory of the composer’s father.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday to get stuck into some quality music!

Wednesday 27th April Rehearsal Cancelled

Dear SUMSter,

Due to some issues in booking Bosch for the rehearsal during midsem break, this week’s rehearsal Wednesday 27th April) has been cancelled. Instead our Social Secretary, Cathy Neal, will be organising a pub crawl for that night (details to follow).

Camp is coming up in just two short weeks, and we were counting on this rehearsal to finalise our numbers for the weekend. If you did not return your registration form last week and are planning on coming to camp, we would be very grateful if you could email Unkle Bek and Aunt Wally with all your requirements at campoff@sums.org.au. If you are planning on coming along to the pub on Wednesday night we will be collecting forms there.

If you know of someone who may not read their emails or check the website between now and Wednesday, could you please let them know as soon as possible that the rehearsal is cancelled.

2011 AGM Notice

SUMS will hold their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 20th April, 2011 at 8:00pm in Bosch Lecture Theatre 4.

The purpose of the AGM is:

  1. to receive an audited report and statement of accounts for the preceding financial period
  2. to fill any vacancies on the committee
  3. to transact any other business