Elijah – Rehearsal 12

Our final rehearsal for Elijah is on at the Glebe Justice Centre on St John’s Rd from 6-9pm, and it will once again be a combined rehearsal with SUSO. Yes, this is yet another different venue, and this time it is even off campus! (Check the map here for directions). Apologies for all the moving around of venues, but we needed a big enough space to fit both SUMS and SUSO!

If you want to sing in the concert this is compulsory attendance! If you have any concerns about making this rehearsal, please contact the Secretary and/or Concert Manager.

A quick reminder also to keep selling tickets! Check the details here:
Tickets: Adult $25, Access (USU) $15.
Book online at: http://tiny.cc/elijahmay23
Tickets also available at the door.

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