Elijah Rehearsal Requirements

As you know, SUMS is a non-audition choir, but still aims to put on concerts of a high calibre so that you get to enjoy performing great music as well as the audience. As such we have Rehearsal Requirements, a set number of rehearsals you should attend in preparation for each concert to ensure that all members of the choir know and feel confident about their music. Please see linked below for a copy of the requirements for our upcoming performance of Elijah.

If for some reason you are unable to make concert requirements, you may still be able to perform. If you have any concerns about making rehearsal requirements or singing in the concert, please discuss your options with either your section leader or myself, the concert manager.

Additionally, rehearsal requirements represent the minimum attendance. If you can make it to a rehearsal you should attend as we cover a lot of ground each week and simply not coming as you have made requirements is letting down the rest of the choir. We do however understand if personal circumstances mean that you cannot attend.

Rehearsal Requirements – Elijah 2015

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