O Week 2013

Hi everyone,

O Week begins next Wednesday and SUMS is starting it off with a bang! We’ll be performing at thefree breakfast at Manning on Wednesday from 10 to 10:30am, and then again at the Main Stage on Thursday from 3:40 to 4pm.

We’ll also have our stall set up and ready to field questions, accept new memberships, and sell our awesome I <3 SUMS shirts and CDs of past concerts. This year we’ll have a new range of shirt options that we’re excited about, so come check them out!

And to give you an idea of what’s happening just after O Week, we’ll be having our first rehearsal on the 6th of March in Bosch Lecture Theatre 4, preceded by our free Fresher BBQ. This BBQ is for everyone to get together before rehearsal and catch up, meet our new members, and make everyone feel at home again. Also: it’s free! So come along even if you haven’t quite made up your mind about joining up for the year.

We’re all looking forward to seeing your bright and shiny faces again in the next couple of weeks, and can’t wait for rehearsals to start back up again. We’re all very excited about what this year will bring for us, and we’d love to share it all with all of you.

See you soon!

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